First blog post

What kind of Car Wash would you trust your car with?

Bring back that loving feeling

You drive off the car lot with a brand new car. The paint job is perfect and shiny and the only detection of use is the fingerprints you left on the door handle. For the first few weeks you may find yourself wiping down the dust or pollen and hand picking pebbles you tracked in on the mats. As weeks pass you slowly get into everyday life while that new car feeling may fade into a feeling of everyday normality. Regular visits to a car wash to keep your cars “wow factor” is important, but there is a huge difference between the types of car washes that you can visit.

Dings, dents, and dopes

Twirling brushes, foam rolls, and flapping rags can cause paint swirls, chips, and dents in your cars finish. Add that to upselling car wash employees potentially goofing around at your expense and you may find yourself in a car wash catastrophe.

Drive in to the car wash with the newest technology in car and truck washing in the Mansfield area. You can insert cash or credit in the user-friendly auto cashier which will provide voice commands to guide you through the car wash process. Once in the car wash bay, a voice will guide you where to stop. Lasers will detect the size and layout of your vehicle and then start your touchless wash. We DO NOT re-use water and we DO NOT use brushes. Choosing the RIGHT car wash is important for keeping your cars appeal for the long term.

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